Friday, June 02, 2006

Trekking...The First Days.

Thought I'd have finished my second Jaywalker sock by was my goal to finish it before June 1st, so that I could freely start the Trek Along With Me knit along. But, I suck, so I've only got half the foot done and not the whole darn foot. Okay, maybe I don't really suck, but I was helping my friend Lucille with her sock at knitting Wed night and it completely messed up my brain....I don't think I can follow two different sock patterns at the same time. Maybe when I was younger..... ha ha : P

So, this is the progress I've made on my Trekking sock...I wasn't able to hike out anywhere fun's wet and rainy and the farthest I walked was to the forsynthia bush next to my mailbox.

This was my gear yesterday, getting ready to start the sock:

(Funny story...before I forget...I had this BRILLIANT idea that taking pictures of the yarn on my really nice, weathered picket fence would look so cool..especially with the lilac bush in the background. Now, if you knew me, you'd know that I'm prone to random acts of spontaneous stupidity, which I think are the greatest ideas anyway, I balanced the yarn on the top of the fence (yes, I know....why, why???) and, before I could even pick up the camera, it fell on the other side of the fence.


Now, if you also knew that I had on my white lace (semi sheer) sleeveless nightgown at the time, you'd laugh even harder. Not only that, but I thought that since the fence was so high and I couldn't possibly reach over it to get my yarn, I'd go AROUND the fence and get it.


Another bad idea. I didn't realize that hundreds of poison ivy plants live happily clustered against the other side of the fence (we've only been living here since August) and I walked through all of them to pick up my yarn. Then, I started to itch.


Luckily, my hubby had said a while ago that, if you do it quickly, rubbing soap and water on the places immediately will stop the rash from actually starting. I not only did that, but added an inch of hydrocortisone cream to my arms and legs. And, thank the Yarn Goddess, I was SAVED! yea!)

Before I close (and to give me a chance to find my dignity again), I'd like to show you two new yarns that I dyed...

This one is called "BeachComber" and is a self patterning yarn in stone grays, sand, creamy clouds and splashes of turquoise. It's a worsted weight merino sock yarn...sorry, gals, it's already been taken!

Next is a yarn called "Mother Earth's Garden" and is self striping in deep gray, dusty rose, light and medium olive green and tomato orange/red. It's a sportweight merino superwash...and, sorry...yes, that's been bought, too.

Before you leave for an enjoyable, hopefully knittingful weekend, I want to share a pic of a gorgeous flower outside the bay window of my living room. Isn't it the prettiest color PINK???


GamecockDoc said...

Ah, the things we do for blogging. Hope you have avoided the rash completely!

Your sock is looking good. I like the yarn you're working with. And as usual, great dyeing. I love the garden colorway. You rock!

Karen said...

Love the Beachcomber colourway. Good save on the poison ivy as well. Hope it stays on the other side of the fence!

I finished my first sock yesterday. I have made scads of Christmas stockings and several socks to felt into slipppers. Like last year when DD #2 came home from school on a Friday in May saying "Monday we're having Slipper Day in school". Have you ever tried to buy slippers in May? Anyway, this was a really simple top down Magic Loop sock that I started while walking the 20 miles of the Walk for Hunger just about a month ago. I learned that I knit really slowly if I am walking at the same time! And sock #2 is started!

Sock on!

Laura said...

Does Epping count as a hike? :) Sounds like I should have brought you a different soap - I have an anti-poison ivy one. But it sounds like you made out okay anyway. If it does get to your side of the fence I guess you'll need some goats ;) I'm going to try and figure out the feedback thingy now.