Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Spinning's Got a Hold On Me.....

What do you think of this???

Gorgeous, isn't it? It's a Rainbow Blue Faced Leicester wool batt (separated into each color "puff") to spin into a rainbow self striping yarn. I can't wait to see how it comes out!!! This is only HALF the amount I have....the other half is snuggled down deep in my closet, waiting patiently to see the light of day. I bought this fiber from Rose Garden Fibers....a wonderful e-shop for handspun yarn, spindles and fibers (when available).

Finally, FINALLY chained myself to a chair and finished my Jaywalker socks...didn't think I'd ever finish the second one. Only thing is...(shhh..don't tell anyone, okay?), the left sock is 1 inch taller than the right. Ooops. If you don't look too closely, you can't tell, but I realized it (a bit too late) after finishing sock #2. This pic gracefully disguises the top of the socks, though I wish it wasn't so dark in my living room.

Next, get ready for this....

Cute and adorable TOESIES!!!!

Yes, Ben's toes are almost good enough to eat...me, I like baby toes...they're like little carrots and I just HAVE to nibble on them and tickle them every chance I get. It's almost a disappointment to see Ben's foot in his sock and not out, all wiggly and woggly. (No, I don't think that's a word, but who cares? I make up my own, don't you?)

This sock is one of the first sock patterns I've made myself. Will be posting it later on in the week. Nothing fancy and it will only fit your child if she/he's got a size 10 toddler shoe and has a foot circumference of 7"... but, hey, it's a free pattern, right? I'm calling it the Teddy Toes Sock for Toddlers (or one toddler, anyway).

Oh, guess what? I got the new Spin-Off magazine in the mail (a Christmas gift from Lovely Laurin) and it has the cutest, most adorable pattern for spinning and knitting your own Estonian Hand Puppet. I totally freaked out with excitement while reading it (saying "oh, wow!" and "look at that!", until my husband had to leave the bedroom). I got a super, super gift from Lisa the other day...a silky, softy, periwinkly puff of bfl/tussah silk and I spun it into some 2 ply yarn....which, I will tell you, is ORGASMICALLY SOFT! Went right into the cleavage...which was okay, you know, because it's yarn for ME!

Next, I spun some white merino/angora that I got from the NH Sheep and wool and made another 2 ply yarn. This one is like cloud of heaven....wispy, soft, puffy and very light. Oh, I love it! Feast your eyes upon it....

Both of these yarns are being made into one of the Estonian Sheep Puppets and I will post updates..though it's a small project, it's not very simple...at least for a beginner like me.

Is that all? Hmm...oh, yeah, Laurin and I are planning a majorly cool trip to South Burlington, VT to knit, chat, shop, dine out and watch movies...and shop some more. And maybe have a little wine...and, my favorite, hot chocolate (I'm totally not opposed to cold chocolate, either). I cannot WAIT to go....packing my bags now...less than a month to go....the COUNTDOWN BEGINS!


trek said...

The batts are beautiful as are the baby toes!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great little get-a-way you have planned! Lucky you. that rainbow wool is gorgeous - I'm sure you'll make some great yarn out of it.


p.s. I finished the socks with the yarn I bought from you, but just have to get hubby to take a picture for me then I'll send it to you :-)

GamecockDoc said...

Vermont?! So jealous...have fun!
Your socks look great. I didn't even notice the difference until you pointed it out. The pattern masks it well. And the wool looks so purdy! Like spring flowers...or candy.

YarnB said...

How cool that you are going to make that puppet with the yarn from the batt I sent you!!! I can't wait to see it! I saw that pattern. And yes, Ben's toes are cute enough to nibble on! LOL

yarnophiliac said...

mmmm... baby toes...I still nibble my son's and he is 5! (usually only AFTER his bath tho!) I LOVE the yarn you spun -- it looks gorgeous. Will you bring it Wed. night so I can squish it and dream?? ~Heather