Monday, June 05, 2006

Socks that DO Rock!

A totally picturesque blog today of socks...huge 16 skein sock yarn order from Blue Moon Fiber Arts' "Socks That Rock", socks knit by a friend and socks knit by ME! Enjoy!

Socks that Rock colorways: County Clare, Jade, Fire on the Mountain, Lapis, Red Rock Canyon, and Ruby Slippers

STR colorways: Queen Rock, Iolite, Azure Malachite, County Clare, Jade, Fire on the Mountain

STR colorways: Watermelon Tourmaline, Pebbles, Blue Moonstone, Queen Rock, Iolite

STR colorways: Fire on the Mountain, Prism, Ruby Slippers, Sapphire, Watermelon Tourmaline, Pebbles (very blurry)

(there were two Ruby Slippers and two Fire on the Mountains, just to clarify...the rest are just part of another picture)

*I must admit here that I did a little drooling over these yarns, wiping them off carefully afterwards, of course, and LOTS of rubbing on my cheek. I DID think about doing the "breast cleavage hug" also known as the BCH, but I know my fellow knitters would probably rather I NOT do this to their yarn, so I restrained myself. Barely.*

Now, on to the socks that I knitted for my sister, Kim. I used Opal Yarn and used my own "pattern"...I made the socks unmatched on purpose for fun and I think they look very unique like this. This yarn was very fun to work with and I liked being surprised at what striping came next....

Finally, last but not least, is my friend Dan's FIRST ever knitted socks! They look awesome and he did a great job on them. He worked so hard on them...I wish my first pair of socks had looked like this!

Have a super SockORiffic day.....more updates on my Trekking socks next's been raining since the knitalong started, so no hiking or trekking for me...except to the mailbox or out to the store...not at all exciting.

G : )


Laura said...

Those are awfully nice yarns, and cool socks too. This time I noticed a "short row" hat on your flicker thing. That is a really cool hat. Where'd you get the pattern? Was it hard to make?

Heide said...

OMG, That has to be one of the most blatant entries showing yarn porn that I've seen in ages. I am absolutely drooling over your new acquisitions. Will you really divvy this up with your friends or will you tell them it never showed up?

Leslie said...

Thats an unbelievable stash of STR! Do you get to keep all of them? I also love those Opal you remember the colorway? It's wonderful!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Hi Heide...I love your Yarn Porn! That's awesome! I really did consider keeping it all for myself...I thought about it very deeply, but they'd already paid for it, so I had to give it up. Some of them tried to steal skeins as they were leaving, but I kept a close eye on them! ha ha!

Hi Leslie...the colorway for the socks was 1237...a very cool pattern, too. My sister loved them. Thanks for the compliments.

Hi Laura...the short row hat was a website pattern off of Interweave Knits. I think you can still find it there. It wasn't at all hard to make and it was lots of fun. I'd really recommend making one in the Karaoke yarn.