Thursday, June 01, 2006

See Where I KNIT and SIT

A short, but sweet entry today...busy packing and sending out the contest prizes (oh, how exciting!!!) are the places where I sit and knit. They're pretty least I think so. Don't be fooled by the neatness of the house....these pics were took very soon after we moved it, so it hadn't gotten a chance to be messy yet...which it frequently is! : P

The Kitchen:

The White Room/Playroom:

The White Chair by the Sliding Glass Doors and Woodstove:

The Bedroom:

The Living Room Chairs:

I have to admit here that I "stole" this idea from not only the Yarn Harlot's Blog, but also Scout's Blog. Shame Shame! But, in my defense, it IS a really cool idea and they inspired me (aka cast-their-wonderfully-evil-and-truly-interesting-blogging-ideas-and-think-I-won't-copy-them) to do it : P

So...the next question is....

Where do YOU sit and knit???


trek said...

Anywhere I can!!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely home you have. You are lucky to have so many places to knit and spin. I sit in the corner of my couch (next to my new daylight) to knit. It is the only place at home where I sit and knit, so as you can imagine, that corner sits a little lower than the rest of the couch ;)

Laura said...

HeHe - I especially like the area next to the stove - good picture :)

I sit on the couch or in the car when hubby is in a store (I can't do it while the vehicle is moving, especially on the bumpy roads around here) or while I'm in a meeting or at friends visiting, etc.