Friday, June 09, 2006

No Treks for Trekking

Darn it...all week has been raining, raining, raining....the grass is super wet and is practically up to my knees...though I guess that's not saying much since I'm only a little over 5 feet tall. So, there have been no "Treks" with my Trekking socks and I'm bummed. Bummed. Bummed. Here is a pic of how far I was two days the way, I'm doing both socks at once, so I was this far on both socks, but only happened to have one with me at that moment:

As of today, I've got both heels turned and am working on the legs of both socks. They're coming along pretty quickly : )

Oh, guess what? I received an email from The Comfy Bev the other day, who was my DyeORama pal that I sent sock yarn to. She sent me a swatch pic of the self striping yarn! It was like seeing someone's baby...or even my baby! I was like, "AWWWW!" cute! You can see the "Marigolds at Twillight" yarn and swatch below. What do you think?

Finally, last but certainly not least, a couple of pics of the yarn that I made for Rose...who has a wonderful business making homemade soaps, lotions, lip balms, sprays, etc, which I will go into next week. Her business is called, "Remembrance Botanicals" and her business card, which I wish I'd taken pics of has colors of purple, hunter green and cream. She asked me to make her some sock yarn (out of this gorgeous, shiny merino/tencel fingering weight yarn I had) with these colors. Was VERY nervous, since I"m not quite comfortable with custom colors yet, but the results were wonderful!

I call this "Violets for Rose" colorway:

Although I love making self striping yarn, I just have to list the time it takes me to make it, just in case some of you were thinking of doing this. It's really a labor of love.

1. Wind skein of yarn onto board, usually 300-400 yards (40 minutes)
2. Soak yarn with 1 tsp. dishwashing liquid for superwash wools (overnight)
3. Gently squeeze out excess water and place on plastic bags on the counter for handpainting (10 minutes)
4. Get dyes, white vinegar and other supplies ready (20 minutes)
5. Hand paint yarn in striping pattern using sponge brushes (30 minutes or more)
6. Gently squeeze out excess water and wrap in plastic wrap for steaming (10 minutes)
7. Steam yarn (30 minutes)
8. Let yarn cool (20 minutes)
9. Soak cooled yarn in water/Euclan/Conditioner mixture (3 or more hours)
10. Squeeze out excess water and hang to dry (1-2 days, depending on weather)
11. Put yarn back on board, unwind and make into hanks on my niddy noddy (1 hour)

Whew! Even though it's such a pain to do, it's very fun (except the winding and unwinding part) and I just LOVE the way the yarn comes out in the end. I only need to make some for ME now!

Happy YarnOLicious Day!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain about the rain - I don't think it'll ever be sunny again (at least not on a day I'm not working!)
The Trekking socks are great! What pattern are you using?
What nice yarn for Comfy Bev and Rose. You do such fantastic work. And what a lot of work that is!
Here's hoping the sun comes out:)

GamecockDoc said...

Wow! Marigolds looks awesome knitted up. You should be very proud!

YarnB said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I need to ask you what kind of warping board exactly to make!! I need to try doing some self-striping socks. I just love them and I am turning into a sock junkie too....

Laura said...

The swatch is cool. I have a ? why do you have to put the yarn back onto the board before winding onto the niddy noddy?

YogaGardenGirl said...

Hey Laura, I wanted to answer your question....I have to put the yarn back on the board because of it's length. Once you wind it on the board (or the way I figured out to wind it...I bet there are easier ways!) and dye it, the skein is now over a yard in length (maybe 2?) or one BIG loop. Too big to put over the back of a chair or on a swift. If you tried to unwind it as it is, it would become a HUGE tangled knot. Believe me...I've tried.

There IS one more option. If you have a lot of space in your house, you could put two large heavy jars or cans on the floor and loop the big skein around them at the ends...lots of running back and forth, though and much more chance of tangling. I guess it's hard to imagine it, unless you have the board in front of you and need to wind/unwind it. Then it would make sense.

Thanks Julie, Lis and Gina for the compliments! And you, too, Laura! Hope my answer helped!

Heide said...

Gina, Thank you very much for the books and the adorable card. You really are amazing with all that you accomplish while taking care of children. I love your blog. Take care.

yarnophiliac said...

HI! I love the Trekking sock -- what pattern is that? You must share! lol And the Marigolds yarn came out fantastic. I can't wait to work with Jacob's sock yarn (I have to blog that this week -- maybe tomorrow). And if there is any more of Rose's yarn and she doesn't want it....DIBS!!! I was so bummed about the Trek-along -- I logged onto the site on the 31st, but they had already closed it! I do think we should do one -- any ideas? Hope to see you wed. Heather