Friday, May 26, 2006

Striping Extravaganza!

Wowza! Yesterday, since my eye was feeling so much better (contacts today, gals! woo-hoo!) I decided to do some major dyeing (my hubby always pretends to swoon as I say this and then says something like, "...and you're still alive?"...punk.) of self-striping sock yarns. I had three to do and still have an order for 2 more. Just waiting for the undyed yarn and/or color/yardage information. you want to see the new yarns all together? Or separately?

Too late....I've decided...BOTH!

This is all 4 of the newest skeins, though one of them you've seen already...which, by the way, I decided to take Julie, Karen and Heather's suggestions and mold them into one...."Twillight Serenity"...a bit "romantic-gothic" but, hey, I like it : P

Here they are individually....(feel free to drool, become hypnotized and grab your credit card while clicking on my Etsy store link)

This luscious lady is called, "SATIN SHEETS AND LINGERIE"....kind of a sex kitten sock yarn for the girly-girl in you. Totally self-striping in the most awesome sock yarn that I could find...a light sportweight merino...that is not only machine-washable, but dryable, too...can you believe it? Way? Way!

This one, sorry to say, is already reserved....for Heather...she's making me one of her awesome knitting totes in exchange for this sock yarn for her son...who is a total cutie. This is called, "AQUARIUM" and is also self-striping, super wash and dry, but is fingering weight....over 300 yards!

"TOMATO SALSA" is the name of this bright, lovely yarn...deep oranges, reds, a spot of yellow and greenish-gray. It is SO soft...light sportweight 100% merino...just superwash on this dry : ( This one is around 250 yards...might be slightly off on the number...don't have it in front of my at the moment.

Then, of course, you saw the pic for the "TWILLIGHT SERENITY", which is reserved for my DyeORama gift pal. That one is also super soft....merino worsted weight, superwash.

On another note, I got my own DyeORama gift yesterday in the mail...from Ann H. from the U.K. Here's my pic of the GOODIES!!!

1. My awesome 100% pure new wool hand-dyed yarn called, "Hunter Gatherer"...668 meters total...worsted weight...gorgeous! Not usually my colors, but I love it anyway and can't wait to knit it up...

2. A bar of Maya Gold Green&Black's chocolate...oh, heaven of heavens! Delicious orange flavor with spices in dark chocolate...she's originally from Belgium, so she knows the good stuff!

3. A fantastic postcard and lovely, lovely letter.

4. This book, which is hilarious and I LOVE IT! If you're a parent, you HAVE to get this book...I brought it to my eye appointment and was laughing so much that the people in the waiting room started looking at me really, really strangely....

Oh, one last note of the day...I just joined "TREK WITH ME", which is here .... if you have some Trekking sock yarn and like to walk or hike, join this Knitalong type-thing and take pics along the way....luckily, I just got mine from the amazing Jackie for my bday, so I'm set! It starts June join quickly if you're interested. last, last note of the day.....really...I have so much to do this weekend (WW, give a Reiki treatment, out to lunch with Ian, and my parents coming over to lavish me with love and gifts since they missed the bday...I'm so lucky....and tons of housework) so I won't be blogging again until Monday....when I will be posting...

drum roll...dum da dum dum....

Pictures of the GIFT GIVEAWAYS for the blog contest!!!! Yippee! (and a small secret...shh...come closer to the screen...EVERYONE IS GETTING A PRIZE!!!!)

Details to come.....(have a fantastic weekend...) Gina : )

P.S. I know, I know...last, last, last note...thank you to everyone for their Top 20 lists...I'm having so much fun reading them and checking out all the new're all rockin'!


trek said...

Nice self-striping dye jobs.

GamecockDoc said...

I love your new sock yarn! Absolutely gorgeous. The tomato salsa is my fave, such great colors. And you made out with a great swap pal. Can't wait to see what you do with that yarn. And the chocolate sounds yummy.

Glad your eye is doing better. Yay for getting back into contacts.

Everyone is getting a prize?!?! Can't wait till Monday!

And to everyone: I've really enjoyed all the top 20 lists. Thanks for the great new knittiing stuff to check out.

yarnophiliac said...

oooooo... I LOVE, I mean Jacob's...sock yarn! YAY! And thank you thank you thank you for making it superwash and dry. I really love the pink and grey colorway as well. A note on the Trek w/ me -- if anyone from Manchvegas is interested in joining, I know Joanne is ordering some! I mentioned it to her the other day when I realized it was produced by one of her sources, and she got right on it! So, I'll prob be joining, too, as soon as the yarn comes in. love ya! h

Laura said...

So, having healed, you're eyeing your dyeing huh? Couldn't help myself.

Looks like you did a great job. Even the ones that aren't my colors look really cool in the self-striping - you've done such a neat job of choosing shades that compliment and blend it's really awesome! I never would have thought to put grey with pink but it goes perfectly!

The hunter/gatherer looks really pretty. You'll have to regale us with an anecdote or 2 from your new book :)

Have a great weekend!

Heide said...

Happy to hear about your eye feeling better. I LOVE the yarn you received from your Dye-o-Rama buddy. Your self-striping is fabulous and needs to be in my home... (I'm not buying more yarn until I've used some of my current stash). So I have to ask, do you have any patterns in mind when you create your self-striping and are the stripes all the same size or do the stripe widths vary? Cheers!

Heide said...

I posted my 20 things, but my list is not like everyone elses. Hope this is okay. Cheers.

Karen said...

Hi! The book looks awesome. When I have a book like that out in public I always want to read the best bits to whoever is around. I can usually control myself in a doctor's waiting room, though.

The new yarns look really outstanding. I am constantly amazed that you can dye in several colors like that and get stripes instead of just mush, what with the colors being so different and all.

Congratulations on getting back to your contacts. I have been trying out some new ones myself (wearing glasses when it is hot out is a real drag) but I don't seem to have very good vision with these softlens-type bifocal contacts. I will have to find out what other options there are - or maybe I am just stuck with bifocal glasses if I really want to see properly.

Knit on! - Karen

YogaGardenGirl said...

Hi gals...thanks for all the compliments on the's even prettier in person and I LOVE looking at it!

Heide, to answer your very good question, no...I usually have no idea what I'm doing...except trying to find colors that look good together or remind me of something I've seen...if I can manage to create those colors with my acid dyes, then I'm happy.

Because I don't usually use a formula for the striping board, the yarns are all very original and unique....the stripes have been different widths so far...that's why I ask if the knitters who buy my yarn can make a swatch and send a pic to me. It's all a mystery...but very much a wonderful surprise in the end.

I was thinking of trying to recreate a specific yarn, but I think it takes all the fun out of it and then the yarns aren't unique commercial yarns. I think it's pretty cool that you can knit a pair of socks with my yarn and say that there are no other pairs in the world like it : )

Sheepish Annie said...

That is beautiful yarn! Nice job...let's just say my dyeing is, well, "enthusiastic" if not artistic. :)