Monday, May 29, 2006

Pick Those Prizes!

This is so FUN....I love to give out prizes! First, I want to thank ALL of you for participating and reading my inane chatter, looking at my pics and commenting....this month has been a blast and I hope you've all had fun getting to know me and each other. I know I have!

Now, on to the prizes!!!!

A handspun yarn of your choice from my Etsy store and a scented need to pay shipping either. Just click on "Pay by Check" and then don't pay me..he he.

PRiZE #2
A hand-dyed yarn of your choice from my Etsy store and a scented need to pay shipping either. (Same as above)

A skein of "Catch of the Day" mohair/rayon/eyelash novelty yarn (143 yards) in turquoise with an Arbonne hand lotion...smells softy of baby powder and citrus.

Two (new) of Debbie Macomber's paperback books..."A Shop on Blossom Street" and "A Good Yarn"....very enjoyable reading with a yarn store and knitters as the main focus...also with a scented candle.

Bucilla's Doodle-Loom...a tool for quickly making pompoms and a scented candle.

A Bath and Body "C.O. Bigelow Lemon Cream Body Wash", a pair of Gold Collection "Gold Stork" scissors with stainless steel blades and a scented candle.

A Bath and Body "Baume du Jardiner Gardener's Hand Creme", a pair of Gold Collection "Shantaclair" scissors with stainless steel blades and a scented candle.

Free shipping on any yarn from my Etsy shop, a set of three glass bead stitch markers (which, sadly to say, are NOT Heather's...I did buy more of hers, but am VERY selfish and couldn't part with them, so I bought some from Patternworks instead : p ), and a scented candle.

(Scented 3 layer candle "flavors": MaiTai/Punch/Daquiri, WildCherry/Cheesecake/GrahamCracker, White Zinfandel/Chardonnay/Cabernet, RedGrapefruit/PineappleOrange/BerryLime, and HazelnutCoffee/IrishCream/SwissMocha.)

I would love for the random picking to end up giving the prizes to the ones who want them the most, SO, what I'd like you to do is to write down what prize you'd really like to get, although I can't promise that you'll get it. Then, pick out a candle scent you'd like and include it in an email to me with your choice prize and name/address by June 1st. I'll do my best to coordinate the random picking with a prize you'll like....

(Here are pics of the prizes, not showing the yarns already in my Etsy shop)

The Books:

The Candles:

The Wash/Lotion:

The "Catch of the Day" yarn and lotion:

The Pom Pom maker:

The Scissors:

The glass bead Stitch Markers:

Wishing you all a Knit-o-Rific Day and hope you'll keep reading the blog and emailing! Would appreciate you spreading the word of my blog and, especially the Etsy shop, if you liked what you got. Another contest (Holiday Theme) in Nov or December!

Gina : )


trek said...

Pretty stitch markers

Laura said...

Holy cow! Those are some awesome prizes! You've done a really great job.

Heide said...

Gina, thank you for hosting your contest. It has indeed been fun to read about everyone who's been following you too this month. I will continue to haunt you long after this. As far as the prizes go, if perchance my name were to be randomly drawn my only request would be nothing scented please. I tend to have sneezing fits and headaches from perfumed items, no matter how delightful the smell may be. :( Anyway, glad your eye is better. How do you decide how wide to make your stripes when you warp yarn for dyeing? Inquiring minds (okay, mine) want to know. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Those prizes are incredible. I can't get over your generosity. This has been such fun, and I too will continue to be a fan of your blog.