Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Minor Eye-mergency

Sorry, gals...no top 20 tonight...not even pics...damn..had my list ready and waiting to post, but things have happened today beyond my blogging control....

My cute-as-a-button, but equally wacky 3 year old poked me in the eye this morning with his very thin, sharp thumbnail. It hurt so much that my eye (and maybe myself) started to cry and tears were streaming out of my eye...the pain...horrific. Luckily, Ian hadn't left for work yet and, after taking one look at my bloated, swelling, blood shot eye with a HUGE gash in it, took me to the opthamologist (spelling?).

Seems my litte one tore a "strip" out of my cornea...yup....not scratched, but stripped a piece out....so I can barely see out of my right eye at the moment...here is a funny conversation between me and the eye doctor's assistant...

EYA: "So, Gina, just tell me what you can see on the chart..."

Me: "Okay, just tell me when you've got it on the wall."

EYA: "Uh...Gina, it's already there. Can't you see it?"

Me: "You mean that white, blurry rectangle? I thought it was the mirror!"

EYA: "No, it's the chart. Can you read me line 3, or 2 is okay, if your eye is sore?"

Me: "There are lines????!!!??"

EYA: (getting a little concerned) "Um...how about the big letter E...can you see that?"

Me: (feeling somewhat scared now) "no....but I can see the outline of your head....is that okay?"

She quickly got the eye doctor, a very lovely and attractive man (I think!), and we sorted it all out. Thank GOODNESS!!!! (can only wear my glasses...not contacts....for a while....ugh...back to being 17 again....I guess that's one way to feel younger!)

So, today will only be this semi-short blog until I can see better....maybe tomorrow I can do the TOP 20 and talk about how the Birthday morning from Hell became the Birthday evening from Heaven....okay, everyone, say "Awwww....!" : D


P.S. Thank you EVERYONE for wishing me a Happy Birthday! You all made my day! Really : )

P.P.S. I can't remember who asked about the pink sock bag (Laura?), but it was made by my friend, Jackie...don't know where she found that cool pink fabric or the one with the Hello Kitty playing the guitar, but WOW!...it's cool. Now I have 4 cool sock/spindle bags...so lucky.


yarnophiliac said...

Oh sweetie! I am so sorry about your eye! You poor thing! Were they able to do anything about the pain? And...I'm afraid to ask....can you still ... knit????? I do hope your evening was a good one -- you deserve it. And don't worry about the rest of us -- we have our own list to come up with! Hope to see you tomorrow (omg -- can u drive?) love, heather

GamecockDoc said...

Oh no! That sounds horrible! But I'm glad the evening was good and your birthday improved.

Rossana said...

Owie owie owie OWIE! I hope your eye/cornea heals quickly and thoroughly. Perhaps chocolate helps?

Heide said...

Ouch! I hope your eye heals really fast. I am extremely impressed with your dedication to type on your blog. Can you even read comments? Cyber hugs!

trek said...

Gack - I hate wearing glasses - feel like I am in a cage. Heal quickly and well.

Karen said...

Hi! You poor thing! When I was young my brother suffered an eye injury when a rubber band (I guess they call them elastics here, don't they?) broke while he was playing with it. Usually us humans are able to get our eyes closed in time to protect them, but not if one does not see it coming (as you can attest!). He had to stay in bed for a week. My sister and I did his paper route (it was back in the days when kids delivered papers, not adults!) and managed to collect all his back profits.

I hope you are saving the rest of your birthday for later on when you can really enjoy it. And don't worry about getting your "homework" done-it can wa9

Anonymous said...

OUCH! What an awful beginning to your birthday, but it sounds like it ended on a good note. Can't wait to hear about it. Take care of that eye - you need it to keep creating your beautiful yarns :)

Jeanette said...

I am so sorry to hear about your eye! I can only imagine how much that hurt. I hope that you heal quickly and are back to your normal self soon.