Thursday, May 18, 2006

If Only Time Travel Were Possible.....

Okay, everyone...did you hear what happened? Maybe not. I feel like the ENTIRE world now knows how foolish I am but, hopefully, that's not true. This is my first experience with the consequences of being "too open". My hubby's been telling me for ages that I just "share too much"...that I'm "too open and trusting" with people and, sometimes (he tried to say this somewhat delicately) I have a "big mouth". Now, I know that he just MIGHT be correct (I say MIGHT).

After my last, unfortunate (one of the understatements of the week) blog entry...where I pretty much cussed out poor Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (who I'm sure you know is the awesome Yarn Harlot) for not thanking me for the handspun yarn I gave her at the WEBS yarn sale/book signing, I got an email from her (HER!!!) titled, "Whoo Hoo" which she basically explained that the yarn that I'd given her last month was shipped back home to her separately and that she just received it a few days ago. The package not only got soaked in all the rain, but (because of the wetness) the tags came off so she had no idea (or very little idea) who it was from. She'd been searching for days on the internet for the words "blueberry pie" and "sleepy" and "eyes". She was actually glad (!) that I'd written about her not thanking me because that's how she found my blog with all the key words in her search.

I have to say that I was not glad, but truly and utterly EMBARASSED that she read that (hence my conclusion that I MIGHT have a "big mouth") and I felt so bad....really bad.

Her email was extremely nice, thankful and apologetic (!!!...more guilt) and she said she loved the yarn and would use it in a baby sweater she was going to knit up. I then, after frantically emailing my ManchVegasKnitting group for help and advice (of which I got both...thank god for knitting well as comfort...from many....Laurin, Jackie, Melissa, Rose, to name only a few), emailed Stephanie back and told her I felt like a "sh*t" and hoped she didn't think I was some gigantic, gift-giving jerk. She emailed again (my hands were shaking as I clicked on the email...oh, jeez, what will she say in return?) and was so understanding that I almost cried with relief.

All I can do now is shake my head and say, "I'm only human". I have lapses of being a total jerk like everyone else, though I try REALLY, REALLY hard not to...I like to be a "nice, friendly, soft-ee" and occasionally a "doormat" if the situation calls for it and I don't mind at the time.

So, Stephanie....wonderful and talented and hilarious Steph, please accept my public apology for having a "big mouth" and not being patient enough to wait for your thanks....which, in my heart, knew would come. Since I am an impatient person by nature, my typing hands and crankiness got the better of me and for that I'm sorry. : (

If I could only go back in time (like in those Star Trek-y shows where they say, "Beam Me Up, Scotty"), I'd change what I wrote or just not write anything at all that day...or maybe something about creamy chocolate or bubble baths or that sexy guy from know who I mean!

But, since that's not possible in the next 10 minutes, I will show you pics of the yarns I just dyed up...of which 2 sold immediately before they even made it to ETSY.

Here is a self-striping, fingering/sportweight sock yarn I dyed up for Jackie (who made me an incredibly cute sock bag in pink...yes, PINK!)...she asked for purple and yellow...which I named, "Denim, Lemons, and Lilacs"

This is another worsted weight, merino self-striping yarn that I made and sold to Lucille at knitting last's called "SweetTarts" and is sooo soft...looks kinda similar to the first yarn I dyed but with more purple and green.

Another yarn...called "Kiss Me Softly" a mohair/wool/nylon blend and became even softer and fuzzier after's also a "pastel-y" I'm going to try to do more jewel tones next...this one is space-dyed!

Finally, Donna (my Knitting Angel) asked if I could overdye her 18 (eek..18!) skeins of Tahki yarn...which is a cotton, silk, ramie and linen blend...about 1650 yards here is the pile...looking and waiting for me to DO SOMETHING with it. I think I'll try creating a nice cobalt blue-ish, plum color. We'll see...I'd like to experiment with it....any ideas on how I could dye the whole 3.5 pound lot-o-yarn?

Let my sorry-ass experience be a lesson to all of you in Bloggerland....keep your damn big mouth shut when bitter, or at least slightly closed, while blogging.....


Karen said...

Hi! DOn't let an overdose of guilt cramp your style. All of us have been through similar gifting experiences, and some times the only way to find out the real answer is to ask! Things do go astray.

Imagine having so much yarn traveling with you that you had to ship it home separately!

The new yarns are outstanding. You and those dyepots are made for each other.

trek said...

Hey, you had the grace to be embarassed - not everyone does.

Jackie said...

You are much too hard on yourself, if you didn't grouse about it, she never would have found you. Squeeky wheel and all that...

Your yarns are so gorgeous - the colors are just to dye for (ha, never heard that one, huh?). I'm so loving the denim lemons and lilac colorway. Just wait till you see how it's striping.

GamecockDoc said...

Ah, an explaination. I figured there had to be one b/c I refuse to think of the Yarn Harlot as rude or ungrateful. And don't feel guilty about what you wrote. Everyone understands how you felt and why. Too bad the package got all wet, but it sounds like the yarn itself made it home okay.

Love the sock yarn you dyed! I can't wait to see what you do with all that yarn. Cobalt blue sounds awesome.

Heide said...

I'm sure that Stephanie was relieved to know where the yarn originated from and I don't think your original post sounded all that bad. You just seemed more dissappointed in it than anything else. I love the colors of your yarn that you just dyed. Very pretty. Cheers

Anonymous said...

Don't feel bad about it; it sounds like she isn't upset about it. I'm sure she understands; we have ALL been there in one way or another, including her I'm sure. Give yourself a break, you are much too hard on yourself. I'm just glad that she now knows that you are the one to give her such a gorgeous gift.
I am in complete awe over what you can do with some dye and yarn. Absolutely gorgeous!
I also have to thank you for your response to my question about the Grand View. My friend and I have booked for the only dates she has openings: Sept. 8th, 9th & 10th I think it is. I'm very excited to go. (Not that I'm wishing away the summer, mind you - I LOVE SUMMER!)

yarnophiliac said...

Gina, Gina, Gina...don't be so hard on yourself! Seeing that Stephanie is having her own weather woes at presen, i am quite sure she knows from whence the crankiness came! And to all others reading -- you have NO IDEA how gorgeous her yarns were in person (esp. the first skein pictured -- denim, lavender and lemons ...YUM). Can't wait to get some of my own! ~Heather

Laura said...

I had a strong feeling you'd be getting thanked for that beautiful yarn. And, you weren't actually mean in your concern about not being thanked - there wasn't a single mean word in there and you even acknowledged at the same time of that blog that it was probably misplaced. I think you're fine on this one. I think being a bit embarrassed only further demonstrates that you are really a nice person.

Not only that but, thanks to the whole event, we now know that even in the midst of full-scale yarn diva-ishness, this lady is nice enough that she pays attention to each thing and even goes to the trouble to try and search it out if something untoward happens like the shipping/rain situation. That's really pretty cool and we never would have known that if this whole thing hadn't played out in exactly the way that it had.

Although reading about even being a doormat once in a while if the situation calls for it and you don't mind at the time sets of little alarm bells and raises invisible hackles (I'm still looking for a hackle!) That is an instinctual reaction and nonetheless I actually understand exactly what you mean and it not only make sense but it is the best way I've ever "heard" it described."

Your new yarns are very nice and although I thought the first one should have been sweet tart I am now glad that you reserved that name because this one is even more sweet tarty so obviously you knew what you were doing.

Finally, I'm seeing a little "flicker" of thumbnail photos at the bottom of the site that I didn't see before and that led me to click on moebius basket - very cute! Is it felted?

AllisonWonderland said...

Hi, Gina~ It is Allison Gray :) Sorry I missed yoga but some family things came about. I love your yarns~ they are so unique. Don't feel too bad about what you said about that woman. You were actually very nice about what you said and I highly doubt she would have taken offense. ~*~ Allison

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Your yarns look wonderful!