Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Yes, They're Fake...

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Okay, so the brilliant flowers in this planter box are fake, but the yarn sure isn't!

Handspun Border Leicester in cream/white and then dyed with my own "made up colors" from a box of (get this) McCormick Food Coloring!

I'm not at all a dye-ing person, but I do love it....I was thinking of getting some real acid dyes and trying them out. I've mainly been using the food coloring or KoolAid because they're cheap, non-toxic and quick to use (since Ben likes to have Mommy's attention 24/7).

I have found that the dyes fade- quite a lot, in fact. I originally thought of naming the color of this yarn "Tie Dye" because it was so brilliant and wacky, but now that it's dry, I found it more to be soft and watercolor-ish.

Decided to name these "Berries&Cream"....wouldn't it be cool if the yarn could be scented to match? Like those neat erasers at school! (Always loved the grape or blueberry ones!)

Thinking of spinning and dye-ing more yarn so I can have my own Etsy store...was going to venture into ebay, but Etsy is so much nicer and everything I've bought from there so far has been high quality and pretty wonderful.

Look to the right and click on the Yarn Botanika link. We will be discussing that awesome, heavenly place tomorrow, class!

Time for recess! (I mean, spinning!)

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YarnB said...

Hey, thanks for the links and if you want to start dyeing, I am glad to help you! So drop me a note!! SO many pretty things on your web page here!!!!!!!! Back to spinning!!!