Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yarn Botanika...Heavenly!

The long awaited pic of my "Blueberry Pie" 2 ply yarn, spun from the fabulous "Bejeweled" 100% corriedale wool fiber from Yarn Botanika....

Isn't it heavenly? I can't tell you how much I loved every stage of creating this yarn...from opening the package and nearly fainting with the gentle pre-drafting I did sitting next to my little Ben while he played with his spinning the fiber, softly, and hopefully evenly....every few minutes noticing a new color change and stopping just to rub the yarn against my cheek. Ben would sometimes come closer and say, "Mommy...spinning wheel...making yarn...pretty 'bew'", which means blue. My older son, Tim, gave me his highest praise by saying, "Cool!"

Here's a close up pic of the yarn, next to my forsynthia bush out in the front yard....(am I placing the pics in the right place? I need a blog helper!)

Okay, last pic is of the fiber in three stages: roving, predrafting horizontally (or as I call it, "Puffing Out"), and predrafting vertically ("Taffy Pulling"). Can't wait to buy more fiber from Lisa of Yarn Botanika!

*Yarn Botanika, a blog and etsy shop, created by truly wonderful. If you haven't visited her blog yet, please do...her pictures are gorgeous and I would love it if she made them into a calendar or coffee table-type book. Her hand dyed yarn colors are inspired by nature and every single one is favorites are the Bluebells and Peace Rose yarn. Visit her store....I dare you not to buy'll be difficult!*

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rho said...

ohhh I agree -- pretty blue -- I can't wait to see what you will make with it.