Wednesday, April 19, 2006

PluckyFluff to the Rescue!

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Introducing my "Birthday Aftermath" single ply yarn that I spun from the PluckyFluff ( handspun yarn/fiber website. It was amazingly fun to spin....I could make all sorts of mistakes and it all looked GOOD! I left puffs here, a blob there, things flying out everywhere! Whew! You can't tell how sparkly this yarn is, but it's got some very special silver tinsel, angelina shimmery stuff and even bits of satin ribbon here and there.

Have one more batt to spin to make a "matching" skein....would be perfect for sweater trim or a scarf.

Off to do some more pre-drafting!

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LMardenNH said...

So, where is your posting about the trip to Webs? Huh?