Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Yesterday, I received the most wonderful package (my last!) from my Secret Pal 7... Kristen! She sent me:

1. The Knit Socks! book that I've been wanting for so long (can't wait to make a pair!)
2. An utterly beautiful skein of Cherry Tree Hill superwash wool sock yarn (can you believe the color?!)
3. A package of the most mouthwatering toffee (oh, god, my favorite!!!)...which, by the way, was 6 points for both pieces, but.....I ate them ANYWAY!!! (evil grin)
4. A sweet card revealing her name and blog, which I will check out very soon!

Look at my goodies!!!!

Thank you so much, Kristen! Hope you win the Secret Pal 7 contest...I voted for you : )

More updates on projects later......


knitzalot said...

Hey there! Glad you liked the package. Isn't that toffee amazing? Some things are worth the calories. I look forward to seeing your first pair of socks!

Helen said...

That looks like another sock book I'll have to check out.

Nice gifts too! :)