Saturday, April 01, 2006


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Da Da Da....DA!!!! (drum roll please)

It's my JOY! The wonderful, awesome, celestial Ashford Joy spinning wheel!

Laura was so generous to meet me yesterday at noontime in Kingston to sell me the Joy and show me how to open/close it, etc.

She also gave me a bag of alpaca fiber (for Vicki!), oil for the wheel and the original books it came with....which were very interesting to look at...I can't believe all the tools and such you can get with this wheel!

I was able to go to the spinning group with local spinner/weaver Jean and her son, Chris...where Nancy (Spinning Teacher Extraordinaire) helped me oil my wheel, set up the yarn and showed me how to get more twist into the yarn when it started breaking on me.....whoops!

Will post some cool pics of my pink handspun yarn soon!

Oh, the JOY!

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Helen said...

You'll love it!

I can't wait to see your new yarn! :)