Friday, April 14, 2006

The Joy of Spinning

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What can be better than your first newly spun (and plied) yarn on a spinning wheel? Hmmm...a new outfit? Nah.... How about a night out with the hubby? Uh huh.... Chocolate? Well...maybe...but truly, truly, spinning this pink, soft, gorgeous yarn has made me giddy with excitement.

The 100% wool roving is from "All Things Heather" at KPixie (link at right), which not only has the coolest commercial yarn, but also a section of one-of-a-kind yarns (like Vesper self striping sock yarn) and fibers that are out of this world! I also bought another handpainted colorway from her called "Surfer Girl" in all ocean blues.....dye-ing (ha ha) to spin that up....

Right now, I'm working on spinning my wool/silk roving in Purples from Greenwood Fiberworks (also super and link on the right) for Laurin (blog link to right as well). Fun and more fun...I love seeing how one color blends into the next.

As for knitting, I'm still working on the shrug and have these UFOs to complete:

-MJ lace cardigan (yes...still not done)
-Lorna's laces Sherbet Leaf Lace shawl
-The other (and damndable) Jaywalker sock
-Knit Picks summer sweater in Vacation yarn (soft, sparkly and fun to knit with)

Off to spin!!! Wheeee............!

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YarnB said...

Oooh... I like your blog! I love yoga too and you have great taste in fibers and yarn!!!!!!!!