Tuesday, April 18, 2006

For Laurin

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For the wonderful, generous, plucky and ROCKIN' Laurin...

...2 skeins of my own BlackRaspberry Ice Cream yarn!

Bought some gorgeous wool/silk roving from Greenwood Fiberworks (link at right) a couple of weeks ago and finally finished spinning it into this amaZing yarn!

Came out to be about 150 yards total (2 ply) and the colors would just melt in your mouth, if they were ice cream, of course...YUM!

Will let you know how she likes it.....what do you think?

I think it's only fair that Laurin, in return, should update her blog with something flattering about me...don't you agree? (he he)


GamecockDoc said...

Gorgeous yarn! It looks nice and soft. Like your handdyed too, very mellow but nice.

LMardenNH said...

Hey chickee - I keep whipping out my new yarn just to drool over. It's absolutely gorgeous. And yes, it rates a blog entry on my site - if only time were on my side...-Laurin