Saturday, April 29, 2006

Dyeing to be Different

Hello out there in the knitting and spinning world! Wanted to tell you about a few things before I start dinner for my guys and pretty much close up the laptop for a while.....I'm becoming a geek, I think...

Okay, #1: Tomorrow is the LAST day to sign up for the, if you're interested, send me your name, email and blog address, if you have one...and I will add you to the list. If you have any questions about the rules, you can email me or look to previous blog entries for more info : )

#2 I just finished spinning and plying the utterly gorgeous, pink angora/BFL wool blend fiber (from Rose Garden Fibers) into the softest, sweetest yarn ever.....will post pictures once the yarn is soaked and dry. If you have a little girl to knit for, you MUST buy this yarn for knitting a sweater or blankie or something! It's HEAVEN! I'm calling it "Cotton Candy" and it has little puffs of white angora here and there...

#3 I also used more McCormick dyes (my new acid dyes are on the way!) to dye some spongy soft "puffy" 100% nylon yarn....and I must say, I was delighted with the results....the colors are clear and bright....I've decided to call the yarn color "Jello" because it looks like the three favorite flavors of Jello....lemon, lime and blue raspberry. Here are pics of the dyeing process:

Here's a pic of the finished yarns:

I'll also be adding pics of my hand-dyed 100% Chinese Duke silk yarns...probably the beginning of next week (contest time!)

I have to mention that I bought more hand-dyed fiber from Yarn Botanika (my addictive fiber store of choice) and I can't WAIT to get them....and spin them!

Happy a sassy and spunky fiber-licious day!


YarnB said...

Gina, I'd like to try that fiber you are talking about from Rose Fiber Gardens with Angora! YUMMY. Do you have a link and the name of what you got? Can't wait to see the photos..Your fiber is in the mail! More in the crockpot too and the roaster! LOL.

trek said...

Your yarn reminds me of Easter eggs - so spring-time!

YogaGardenGirl said...

Hi Lis....the link for Rose Garden Fibers is on the right of my blog and you'll see what angora yarns she has left if you click on the angora yarns page....I've bought so many, but the one I like best is the Snow Fluff : )