Monday, April 10, 2006

Damn those Russians are good!

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Finally finished the Russian wool/mohair shawl I was working on. The softly space dyed yarn is what makes this shawl so special...those Russian yarn makers are A-okay! The added fringe makes it look so elegant and, at the same time, cozy. I truly love this. I had so much fun making it, too...see my last few blogs for details on the yarn....and pic of the label.

Totally psyched to sign up for the Portand, Maine "SPA Knit and Spin" today.....something to look forward to in Feb. when the winter winds chill, the snow is blinding...and I'm ready to scream with boredom.

Three days of knitting, spinning, shopping (from AWESOME vendors)...sounds like heaven to me!

Countdown begins.....only 12 more days until The Yarn Harlot book signing/presentation!!! Can I survive?

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YarnB said...

What is this gorgeous yarn???