Monday, April 24, 2006


For those of you who are interested in HANDSPUN Yarn and HAND-DYED Yarn, listen up!....


1st Prize: A skein of my own "Sleepy Eyes" handspun yarn with a special surprise as well.

2nd Prize: A skein of my own "Sleepy Eyes" hand-dyed yarn, also with a special surprise.

3rd Prize: Free shipping on an order from my ETSY shop (see right) and a special knitting surprise.


1. You must read my blog every day and leave a comment.....please be respectful and the bigger, the better...providing it makes sense and relates to what I wrote in my blog! : ) If I haven't blogged that day, no problem....just keep checking.

2. Send me an email once a week asking something about me or about my Yoga Garden business or Sleepy Eyes yarn shop/blog.

3. Send me your name, email, blog/website address if you'd like to participate. Sign up by April 30th, 2006.


If you have followed ALL of the rules above, I will have one of my sons (probably not Ben, who is a toddler) to pick a number and that number will correspond to your name, which I will send to you.

GOOD LUCK and hope to hear from you!

*There will be 3 other contests this year at least, so bookmark my site and also take my blog button if you'd like and place it on your blog or website!*

Happy Day : )


GamecockDoc said...

Woohoo! A contest! As I already check on your site daily, I'll just have to start commenting all the time. On an unrelated note, I'm so jealous that you went to WEBS and got to see Stephanie! I'll be moving to Northampton in a month and am so upset that I'm not there yet and missed it. Was it as wonderful as I think it was?

YarnB said...

OK now, I read your blog all the time now! So I am to make a comment on each post? And the comment is to be long and relavent?? OK!! I will try my best........

YarnB said...

Oh shoot, I didn't read all the directions. Well you have my email ok? ANd my website. I would love to hear about your yoga business (is there a link to it?)......and I wrote you yesterday so that counts for this week, ok??

Anonymous said...

Yay! Another blog for me to read and a contest, too :)