Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Clarifying Contest...and sock update

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Sadly, this picture sucks. Very blurry...kinda like how my head's been feeling today, so I guess it's fitting. Will try to take a nap later, that might help...migraines are pure evil, aren't they?

Wanted to clarify the contest rules...just in case...had a few questions asked about it, so...

1. The contest doesn't officially start until May 1st and ends May 31st. Drawings for prizes picked on June 1 or 2. I'd love for you to start checking my blog out now, but comments aren't required until May 1st...or the first blog of May.

2. Sign up for the contest will be up until April 30th, which is this Sunday...just send me your name, email and blog, if you have one...but blog is not necessary to win. I just like to meet new people : )

3. Unless I hatch a clone of myself or my husband starts taking the little guy to work with him or the house suddenly starts cleaning itself, I will probably NOT be blogging every day...so you can breathe a sigh or relief and say, "Thank goodness I don't have to check her blog EVERY DAY! I have a life, you know!" Well, maybe all of you wouldn't say that, but, come on, some of you were thinking it....right?

4. Remember to email me one question a week and I will answer it and all email the group of contestants the answer, so ask whatever you think you'd like to know and/or something you think others might be curious about.


5. Not related to the contest, but here is the progress on my Grumperina JayWalker socks...one is already done and one is about 1/3 done. The colorway is super (thanks to the inspiration of Tina!) and now I just want to WEAR them!

You can email me at Gina@YogaGardenNH.com if you have any other questions. This is going to be so much FUN!!!!! Take my button for your blog, too, if you'd like. Good luck to all!


trek said...

Migraines do suck but the sock does look good.

Emma said...

Your socks are looking really good. I love the colors and stripes. Those will be some fun socks!

Anonymous said...

The sock is BEAUTIFUL. I also suffer from migraines - the really do SUCK!

mf said...

I hate migranes myself so sorry about yours!!! Great Jaywalkers!

Tina said...

Hope your migraine is better! They're awful, I know. :(

Tina said...

And...heh. I forgot to mention that it was quite freaky to see your Jaywalker. I had a "Wait..how did my sock get there?!" moment.