Sunday, April 23, 2006

5 Steps To Harlot: Follow me.....

In order for me to see the wonderful, talented and hilarious Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka Yarn Harlot), five steps had to be followed:

Step 1: Pack and then unpack everything knitting related into my bag about 20 times. Then, write a note to myself to remember the cereal to donate, my rsvp card, cell phone and, knitting! Get up at 7 am to in order to leave the house at 8 pm, in order to meet Denise at her house at 8:30 am.

Step 2: Drive with Denise (after admiring her Simpsons car mats) to Dunkin Donuts for cash (no, we didn't hold up the store....atm, please!) and breakfast (me...bagel with c. cheese and water). Meet with Sarah at Borders in Concord and drive up with her to WEBS. Sarah and I had an awesome time getting to know each other, laughing and talking about knitting, yoga and men (my three favorite subjects aside from spinning).

Step 3: Arrive at WEBS around 2 hours later, gasp and drool over fiber, yarn and patterns (in that order). Spend "X" amount of dollars (not disclosed to anyone with the last name "House", except me), take a quick run to find some yummies (Subway...which I might add was a strange and frightening experience and ended up getting me almost exactly the opposite of everything I ordered) and then having super Sarah dropping me off at the Clarion Hotel an hour before the presentation.

Step 4: Find seats directly in front of the podium for a full, frontal view....not in a sexual way, of course.....of Stephanie.

Step 5: (and the most important) Alternately giggle, whine and ask Denise, "What time is it?" every five minutes.

These are the rewards that I received for taking the 5 step plan:

1. Got to sit with my knitting buddies: Denise, Ericka and Chris

2. Got the best seat to hear Stephanie's super funny presentation....(my poor cheeks were very sore afterwards) and see her finished Knitting Olympics sweater (on floor in picture...what was she thinking???)

3. Best of all, was able to meet, in person.....drum roll, please....the happily "normal", quirky and fantastic Stephanie...who is shown here signing MY BOOKS!!!!! (cackle cackle)

I wanted to get a photo with her myself, but I felt bad that there were so many people still in line and she had to leave in only another 45 minutes to catch her flight. I figure, I can just photoshop myself in there next to her anytime!

I also gave her a little gift of the "Blueberry Pie" I hope she likes it : )

Now.....(to Laurin), I've done MY part, now.....YOU DO YOURS!!!!

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trek said...

We had a great time with the Harlot in Rutherford. She's quite a knitting character! Hope she visits our area again soon. Maybe next time in a yarn shop.