Monday, March 06, 2006

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Here's Ben wearing the Wonderful Wallaby with the hood on. The hood fits just right...not too small (like some kids' hoods can be) and very stretchy. So cute!

The pattern is:

The Wonderful Wallaby
Cottage Creations at the farm on Deer Creek
Carpenter, Iowa

The yarn is:

Zitron LOFT
100 meters
100% unspun merino wool
Color 570

The pattern is simply awesome...easy to understand, very cute with pictures and there is a sizing pattern for every member of your family.

The yarn is...well, let's just say....sensational! Super lightweight, soft and smooth, velvety and extremely easy to knit snags, no bumps, just...ahhh! And oooohh! Lots of yardage, too.

Have a Happy Wallaby Knitting Day!

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