Saturday, March 04, 2006

Spectacular Stitch Markers

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Heather's stitch markers that I'm in LOVE (true, true love, as only another knitter can appreciate) with.

You can't quite tell how gorgeous they are from this picture...they are much more shiny, sparkly and you can SEE how well made they are. They don't snag at all and you can't wait to get to the next marker...just so you can smile at the beauty of them again.

I have three sets here: (these were only $8 each set....eeeee!)

Green Glass Fish (3 per set)
DragonFlies (4 per set) with pinkish/purple crystals
Garden Set (4 per set) with blue crystals, sunflower, frog, butterfly and side butterfly.

The weight of them is perfect...light enough to not get in the way, but heavy enough so you can tell that they are made with the finest jewelry findings.

(Again, they're available online and at Joanne's store or she will take a special order)

You have to buy a set to believe how great they are!
Do it NOW! (please?)

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