Monday, March 20, 2006

No Rose Smells *Just* as Sweet

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Okay, maybe I was a bit cameras or mumbling men. (except maybe Ian...)

I felt that omitting the 10 roses could possibly eliminate this #14 knitted item from being the ultimate "Kick Gina's Ass" project. I also didn't think I could continue my loving relationship to the Karaoke (which I was hoping to keep) if I did make those d*mn, they're gone.

This is the finished bag (sans roses), which I was pretty happy with in the end. It felted very happily (without the fuss and irritation of Kureyon) and has a very sturdy bottom. The colors are even nicer, I think, so I believe I'll keep it.

Would I recommend this project to others?

Only if you're willing to spend many hours of hideous frustration knitting up those 14 tabs, 2 icords and 10 roses...(remember to use 5, not 3, skeins of yarn!)


You can smile sweetly and say, "Hello, Candid Camera...welcome to my home."

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