Saturday, March 04, 2006


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Okay, here is Heather's (A Crafty Kat) circular needle holder on the inside.

Can you believe I have at least 20 needles in there? And it could fit at least 5-10 more, depending on size.

I put almost 4 needles of size 5 and 7 in the pockets. It's unbelievable! It folds up like a dream and there is no problem closing it....not even as bulky as you'd think it would be.

Heather has made a Star Wars one for my Secret Pal and I think she's going to FLIP when she sees it. It came out so great.

On special orders, she'll take a percentage off of the price if you buy your own fabric (one for the accent and one for that's sturdier for the base fabric..... about 1 yard of each). Then, you can match all of the bags (straights, circ and dp/crochet) and even a TOTE! (She's made at least one tote so far, but is perfecting the design for the next batch of of which will be MINE!!! heh heh heh)

You'd be insane not to try out one of her'll really love them!

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