Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hmmm...Minor Glitch there.....

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Here is the shawl I'm knitting (not sure who it's for yet...) out of a terrific Russian Mohair.

I'm just doing a diagonal triangle knit....with a yarn over after the first 2 stitches and knit until the end..like the baby blanket. It's very soothing and a good project to bring to my knitting group...so I can talk and not mess up.

It's a beautiful ocean blue, turquoise and snow white blend and it's got an interesting "pattern" when I knit it up....it's soft and fuzzy, though if you don't like mohair "hairs" all over you, you probably shouldn't use this. Me..I don't care...the fuzzier the better!

I'm using 4 balls of this for the shawl and since this has only used 1 so far, I'm thinking 4 will be perfect.

A Heavenly Halo-Type Yarn!


Helen said...

The yarn is beautiful! It will make an amazing shawl.

YogaGardenGirl said...

Thanks, Helen! I'm truly enjoying the colors...it's like visiting the beach early. I'd love to get a picture of me wearing it at the beach on a bright, but cool, summer morning. We'll see...