Friday, March 31, 2006

Happy Bloggiversary!

Baby Breeze Cardigan
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I'm so excited! It's the one year anniversary of my blog. As a pretty-much-computer-illiterate person, I'm amazed that I've been able to keep this going for a year. My husband's been teasing me and saying I'm becoming, "Geeky". (Which is rich, coming from him....the Software Engineer who loves to play video and arcade games!)


Showing my 16th (is that right?) FO today....a baby cardigan made as a sample for Joanne's store, A Knitter's Garden in Chester, NH....(check it out!)

Pattern: Knitting Pure & Simple
(Babies Neckdown Cardigan)
Needles: I used Addi 24"circs in size 5 and 7 and also Brittany dpns.
Yarn: 3 balls of Hierloom Breeze (cotton, wool and lycra blend)
Size: Smaller than the 6 month maybe 5 months.

It took me about 13 hours to knit this over the course of about 6 was a very simple and easy pattern...made all in one piece. I think the buttons really show off the fabric silver and shiny. The finished cardigan is nice and stretchy with a cool, light feeling.

A great big thank you and hug to everyone who's read my blog and, especially, to those who leave me comments. It's fun to have feedback on what I "Show and Tell".

Guess what else?

I'm truly looking forward to this afternoon because...I'm getting my WHEEL!

Laura, the generous and thoughtful Laura, is going to meet me about an hour from my house to sell me the wheel of my dreams, The Ashford Joy. (There's definitely a reason WHY it's called the JOY!) At 12 noon, I will officially be a spinner! Not just a drop spindler...didn't know there was a difference I do!

Another thoughtful and generous spinner, Nancy, invited me to her spinning group (that is thankfully local to me) last week and let me use her wheel (also the JOY) all night! What a great was at the moment when I was able to spin a whole puff of fiber into yarn in only 2 hours (instead of 2 weeks!) that I was hooked....totally hooked!

Tonight, I'll be able to bring my OWN wheel and spin the newest fiber I got from Greenwood Fiberworks (link on right).

I'm nervous, happy and impatient to start my spinning tonight, so wish me luck!

Happy Knitting and Spinning to all...and to all a Good Day!

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Helen said...

Congratulations! You've joined the ranks! :) You'll love your Joy. I've had mine for years now, and it is the first wheel I use for spinning.