Saturday, March 04, 2006

An Example of Ingenuity

Originally uploaded by yogagardengirl32.
This circular needle holder is the BEST I've ever seen or used. Not only is it extremely cute, but it is:

1. Sturdy (sewn firmly and with lots of care)
2. Easy to open (with two metal snaps)
3. Adorable (look at this fabric!)
4. Holds LOTS and LOTS of needles

You'll see in the next (or previous pic....can't get the hang of adding in pics yet) pic how ingenious the design of this is. Heather came up with the PERFECT balance of practicality in a bag and compact design.

This was approximately $25 and worth every single penny. This was her first circ bag ('s ALL MINE!) and, as you can see, the prototype is just wonderful.

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