Monday, March 27, 2006

Denise Knits! Markers

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I wanted to (belatedly) write about the absolutely wonderful stitch markers made by Denise of Denise Knits! (

I found out about them through Secret Pal 7 and, after seeing how cute they were on her website, decided to have a set made for my Secret Pal. Not only did Denise create an amazing, personalized set of "Force of the Stitch" markers, but she delivered them very quickly to my pal and with great wrapping.

The "Force of the Stitch" markers (an idea I had to go with my Secret Pal's love of Star Wars and the Dark side) were all silver and made with chain mail hoops. One of the bigger markers featured a super green "light saber-like" crystal....the set was amazing!

Now, here is part of my own "Princess" set that I ordered...complete with silver Celtic and decorative beads and lots of Swarovski crystals in my favorite, clear, purple and a dazzling ruby. You can't tell how sparkly and impressive they are from this picture (shown against my current baby sweater project for Joanne's shop), but you just have to take my word for it....

and my word is....


Please visit Denise's website and order some markers...she is super friendly, wonderful and very talented : )

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