Monday, March 27, 2006

Cable TV? Not for ME! Cable HS...Oh, YES!

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If you haven't already figured it out, my lovely reader (at least I hope someone is reading...or I'm talking to my self here!), HS stands for Hand Spun.

Inspired by, not only Vicki (my Spinning Angel), but also by the newest Spin Off magazine, I'd decided to make my first cabled yarn.

Not having any idea in hell how to make such a thing, I was happy to find a little note in the front of the mag with the exact question I had...and there was an answer! Imagine that!

One type of cabled yarn (and something I thought I might be able to do) is just spinning two 2 ply yarns together. Not too bad, I

I spun my white (soft as a baby's bottom) merino handspun with my purple (a little less soft...maybe more like Ian's bottom) corriedale. This 2 ply came out very nice and I decided to keep going.

Then, I spun the rest of the white merino with the remainder of my first-ever-spun-yarn in the pink varigated wool (not sure what breed). That was nice, too.

So, I had two 2ply yarns and both looking like Easter candy canes....when I spun them together....


It created something entirely different and surprising. It looked almost like a braid, but not quite....the white sometimes went against itself or the pink/purple....super fun and unexpected.

Hopefully, when I send this in to the "Your Yarn!" section of the Spin Off magazine for June, they will accept it and put it in the magazine....not sure if my handspun is quite up to least not yet.

But, I'm happy with it and it was a fun's perfect for spring and I may have enough left over (after I send my 5 yard entry in) to save for me.

Will I try again with cabled yarn? You better believe it! : )


Helen said...

Nice job on the yarn! :)

YogaGardenGirl said...

Thanks! I'm becoming addicted to not only knitting, but spinning as well! Do you spin?

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