Sunday, March 19, 2006

Art thou....entrelac? Certainly NOT!

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Despite the very entralac-like look (try saying THAT 10 times fast!) of this hat, it's actually an ingenious use of short rows. I have to tell you that I had the more fun with this hat pattern than anything else so far this year...which is really saying something!

This hat is not for me (alas, it's not to hoo), but as a sample for Joanne's store. She supplied the pattern by Veronik Avery (Winter 2005 Webknit from Interweave Knits) and the 2 balls of Karaoke yarn (now, one of my absolute fav yarns!).

I started this hat yesterday at about 2 pm and finished it today at about the same time. (Please don't boo and hiss at me! my friend Donna says, "She's a prolific knitter!"...and I stick by that...or else I'm completely INSANE, which I won't deny)

At lovely Laurin's house, after being spoiled ROTTEN with homemade spicy green beans (which were to die for), a yummy Weight Watchers ice cream and the most unusual and delicious hot pepper jelly with crackers, I forced myself away from the food (not an easy task) and started to knit.

(Though I have to confess that during this time I also bugged Laurin for about an hour to try on a wedding dress she had and, by golly, she let me try it on! It was FUN!)

After begging Laurin to let me borrow some size 7 straight bamboos (Crystal Palace!), I went to work. The only trick with this pattern is this:


If I hadn't written down every single, teeny, tiny pen mark, I would've been doomed! But, luckily, I'm a compulsive journaler/note taker/list maker, etc., so I had no problems there.

That Karaoke yarn (50% soy silk, 50% wool and self striping) made the diamonds on the hat look like I changed yarns every diamond or so...which I most certainly did NOT. If you've never tried this yarn, oh, go out and try it now. So silky and wonderful.

So, project number 13 is done (with #12 being the baby tshirt) and now onto finishing up #14, which is the felted rose bag made out of,


Yes, you guessed it...

Karaoke! (in color, Child's Play...very cool)

Like that hat?

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