Thursday, March 02, 2006

Acrylic Anger (and also FOs)

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How many times do I say, "I just CAN'T and WON'T knit with acrylic" ? Is it a million times or a BILLION times? It's practically my mantra when I enter a yarn store. Though I have to admit the progress acrylic yarns have made over the past 5 years, I simply cannot tolerate them. me a "yarn snob" or a "acryliphobic"...I don't mind...just don't get that stuff near me.....

I don't know where my mind was when I bought this yarn....from lovely Joanne's store (no fault on her part) completely TRICKED me! Maybe it was the ball of pale lilac angora fiber in my arms that cast such a spell on me that I was temporarily blinded by L-O-V-E to actually "see" what I was buying.

In a quick glance, this yarn is great....gorgeous color (called Orchid Fluff....very nice name) and slightly fuzzy and marvelous mohair. And it said on the label, MOHAIR BLEND. So, stupid me, I thought it actually had some mohair IN IT!

No, I found out later (after my hands were raw and scratchy and I was dying to pull the yarn tightly around my own neck) that it's 100% acrylic! Okay, how the H*LL can it be a MOHAIR blend if there's no g*dd*amn mohair within 100 yards of it?

(Breathing, breathing, breathing....okay, I'm back)

I'm very happy with the pattern (worked on the diagonal with two knits and a yarn over and then knit the rest of the row) and the finished blanket looks much nicer than this picture.


I'm going to try and let it go.

For Now. It won this round. Never again.

( acrylic 1, gina 0 )

Now, on to a more positive subject. My finished objects so far this year...

1. Knit Picks Hawaii iPod holder for Ann in sock yarn
2. Fushia Scarf for ME in Cotswold wool
3. Pink Valeria Di Crosa angora baby booties for Richard's baby
4. Lilac 1824 cotton baby hat for above baby
5. Sandstone Socks That Rock (or is it Smokey Topaz?) for Ian
6. Red Fonty angora/ribbon scarf for Grandma Chin
7. Knit Picks Northern Lights mittens for ME
8. Plymouth Fiesta Boucle scarf for my mom in a bluish/purple color
9. Orchid Fluff mohair blend (HA!) Easy Baby Blanket for Richard's baby

So far, so good! All done in February! Woo-Hoo!

Won't list UFOs just now....ah-hem.

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