Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Whoops....and also UFO List

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(Forgot to add the front view of the mitten....isn't it gorgeous? I give kudos to both Knit Picks for their beautiful Palette 100% peruvian wool fingering yarn and to the designer of this mitten, Joyce Chinn)

Needed to add my UFO List for my own piece of mind. I'm losing track of what the heck I have to do after I finish the second mitten. So, here it is:

- Finish back and sleeves of white baby vest with ribbon ties.
- Knit a pair of one piece pink angora booties.
- Knit sleeves and finish yoke of Mary Jane lace cardigan.
- Finish Ian's Socks That Rock socks...almost half way through the second sock.
- Finish (or don't finish and continue savoring) cashmere handpainted's looking very nice so far!

Oh, I also got myself organized and update my wish list on, which I hadn't done in a while and also cleared (and cleaned) out my yarn closet. Still thinking about putting up glass shelves in the bedroom to display all the gorgeous stuff I have. That's a project of the future!

What do ya think of the mitten? Would love some feedback! : )

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