Friday, February 17, 2006

Super Secret Pal 7: again!

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My secret pal has done it again! Completely surprising and thoughtful gifts! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Manos! It's the exact color I've been eyeing for months and just never bought. I think I'll make a felted bag with it for my smaller projects. It's the most attractive colors!

The card with the cats is adorable...I have two cats...Mr. B and Jack, although they aren't as cute as the ones on this card...

The tub herbs are going to be used very soon...this new house has a jacuzzi tub and I'll be getting LOTS of use of the tub tea...mmmm.

The SHWOOMP! raspberry lip balm is going to be used very sparingly....I am a lip balm/gloss addict (not afraid to say it)...and it is just....ooooh! YUM!

The candle has a very unique smell and I can't wait to burn it next to the tub while I'm taking my bath.

And, the two favorite things...mysteries and knitting.....if only it had yoga, too....we'd be in business!

Secret Pal 7....YOU ROCK!!! Super thoughtful and I'm VERY grateful : )

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