Monday, February 27, 2006

Socks That Rock - REALLY!

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While at our yarn adventure, I finally finished Ian's socks....the Socks that Rock in color Smokey Topaz. Here they are just after I turned the heel....looking good!

The one problem was that I wasn't sure when starting this pair was if there was enough yardage. I shortened the leg part from 10 inches to 7 but, alas, it wasn't QUITE enough....the toe of the second sock (about 5 rows) wasn't finished...but the yarn was. SH*T!

But, my wonderful Vicki had an idea...why don't I find a yarn that is very close to one of the colors of this yarn to finish the my relief, I found that Debbie Bliss's Baby cashmerino (also a superwash blend) was almost the same exact smoothness and thickness of Socks That Rock...although slightly softer. So, I managed to find a beige-ish color to match and Ian couldn't even tell it wasn't part of the sock itself. WOO HOO!

If I could turn back time, I'd only knit the leg to 6.5 or 6 inches instead. Now, I believe the yarn skeins come in larger amounts of yardage, so that point is that right?

Next pic is of the finished pair. (Thank goodness they're done and I was able to come home with a finished pair for Ian...he loves them!)

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