Friday, February 17, 2006

Rose Garden Fibers....MUST VISIT!

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I wanted to write a while ago about this wonderful online store for fibers, yarns and now spindles. This place is:

Rose Garden Fibers
Michele Auker (Shel)
PayPal friendly

Not only is Shel super, super friendly and is very quick at responding to emails...she gives great advice and is SO helpful.

Her yarns are to die for...I mean it...I've bought at least 5 or more skeins of her yarn and every single handspun, handpainted skein has been a DREAM! I've mostly bought the angora/wool blend (some yarns feature sparkly fibers throughout...very pretty) but her wool blends are just as wonderful. The colors are the best part....aside from the fuzzy softness of the angora/wool blend.

The rainbow skeins I bought made the best slipper socks...which I wear to bed on a regular basis and three skeins I still have...I just can't bear to knit it up....they are just beautiful and making me happy looking at them everyday.

Her Cinderella Fluff has got to be the best yarn so far....white angora/wool blend with gold sparkly stuff spun in with it...subtle but absolutely perfect...I made a baby blanket that was very hard to part with : )

She's recently started to offer fibers....and from the look of this.....well, you can see how delicious and drool-ifying they are. Soooo soft,'s BlueFaced Leicester top, I believe. I cannot wait to spin it!

You can see the drop spindle here, too. Shel handpainted it! So lovely....I'll put a close up pic's only 20 grams...very petite and delicate for fine and medium yarns. You must check out all the other designs she has.....each one is very unique.

So...what are you waiting for....check out Rose Garden Fibers! HURRY! (oh and buy at least one skein to spoil yourself) : )

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