Sunday, February 12, 2006

Red Ribbon Remembrance

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This is my third finished knitting project this year (not counting the ones in progress or my handspun yarns) is a red angora and ribbon scarf for my chinese grandmother. I'll be seeing her in a week or two and I hope to give it to her then.

She's had cancer for at least a year now (I lost my grandfather to cancer as well when I was 10) and she's hung on for as long as she could. She'll be going into a Hospice in Rhode Island (that's where I was born) and I plan to visit her with my sister and Mom on the 20th.

She's always loved red and that's also a very lucky color for the Chinese. I hope she'll hold it, feel it's super silky softness and know how much I love her.

Yarn used: Fonty Angora/wool blend and Fonty Serpentine Ribbon....both in red

Added small, glass rainbow red cube beads on the ends of the fringe. It looks more beautiful in my grandmother.

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