Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh, Only One Ply

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This pic is not as nice as it could be. It was sadly dark and, for lack of a better word, YUCKY yesterday in New Hampshire. So, pic is not too clear. But, as you can see, the colors surprised me and look much softer and less "socky-gray" as I originally thought. Once the purple was incorporated, all was well. It was just that the green and salmon alone was....(shiver)....ewww.

Now, on to the more important phase (my first...I'm a plying virgin)....the 2 ply!


1. Wound the newly spun yarn off of spindle onto niddy noddy. Measured and tied 4 places.

2. Remove from niddy noddy, place around my nice dining room chair, remove ties and start winding a center pull ball.

3. Now that arm is tired (and I got some upper arm exercise for the day), rest both arm and ball on table. (ahhh....)

4. Do again for the next ball....only after refreshing self with small piece of Dove dark chocolate. Mmmm!

More later......must regain s-t-r-e-n-g-t-h!

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