Monday, February 27, 2006

The Grand Group

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The trip to Grand View Lodge in Randolph, NH was AWESOME! I had the most fun, laughed the hardest and was the most relaxed than I've been in years. The company was amazing (met new friends) and the accomodations were much better than I hoped for.

The ride was 2.5 hours and we weren't sure we were at the right place when we looked empty. But, after going in, drooling over the yarn and getting settled, I was very happy.

The rooms were a good size with two twin beds (very comfortable), a small fridge, microwave and a nicely clean bathroom (which is a necessity for me). I had a blast rooming with Donna (we're both Contact Lens Ladies) and we woke up happy and refreshed...or at least I did. The temperature was perfect at night...not too hot or cold.

The breakfasts in the morning were delicious (fresh eggs from Joanne's chickens, toast, homefries, juice and coffee one day and the next was homemade french toast with maple syrup from their own trees!) and Vivian (the owner) served us tea and desserts both days.

The store itself was impressive, though a bit cluttered with dated pattern books/yarn....the selection was an A-/ B+ in my opinion...from lots of Encore acrylic to Opal and Regia sock yarn to Berroco, Brown Sheep, Manos, La Gran Mohair, Debbie Bliss, 1824 wool, Noro, Fiesta La Boheme and more.

The pattern and sample collection was very good. Lots of Fiber Trends, Ann Norling and Noro and Plain and Simple. Very happy with what I could find.

All of this for $100 for Friday night, Sat and Sun. (except for the fact that I spent at least that much in yarn as well...whoops!)

I hope to go again soon and I think you'd love it, too!

Pictured: (top to bottom, left to right)

Donna, Vicki, Donna D., and Laurin
Ann, Margaret, Joanne (from A Knitter's Garden), Heather (more about her awesome stuff later), and Ericka.

(My friends are going to kill me that I didn't put the picture with me in it, but I am very un-photogenic...ugh)

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