Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Got Yarn? Yup.

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(Another badly lit pic of the beautiful new yarn...may want to reconsider sending this to National Geographic magazine....darn.)

Okay, so guess what? It's DONE!!!! My little baby Leicester Lamb yarn is plied! Woo hoo! (okay, taking a little breath....)

After my rest, I couldn't wait to finish it, so I threw (gently) each ball into a old gift bag and hung each one on the door knobs of my kitchen cabinets. Brilliant....worked perfectly....

Then, I started spinning in the "S" direction (counterclockwise) with my "Z" singles (clockwise spun). As I was spinning, the yarn just CREATED itself. It was like magic. Complete magic. It was so amazing that I couldn't stop...

I was so entranced that when Ben came in and said "Juice, Mama" and I tried to keep spinning while reaching toward the other counter for his juice cup. Didn't work. Darn it. Had to stop.

Finally, after I think an hour or hour and a half of spinning, it was done. OH, it was a good moment!

Next step....winding it onto the niddy noddy...was hoping I would miraculously have more yardage, but I was disappointed : (

Measured, tied and then onto the second most fun part....SOAKING! : )

Got out my blue mini tub and filled with very warm water, 1 capful of Eucalean, and 1 capful of Suave Milk & Honey hair conditioner (have you smelled this stuff?'s heavenly). Soaked for about 15 or 20 minutes. Hung to dry....took about 24 hours and I rotated it from time to time...I think it dried quicker because it was hanging very near to the wood stove...nice trick there.

So....what do you think?????

Off to rest my spinning arms (and hands) : )

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Whit said...

Hey, I'd love it if you'd come join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!