Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Gina Scarry's (I mean, House's) Best Valentine's Day EVER!

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(Note: I think I'm watching WAY too many Richard Scarry videos with Ben....)

Reasons why yesterday was the best Valentine's Day that I can remember, in order of least to most important:

1. Ben was happy and good for me all day.

2. I got a lot of knitting done on my Northern Lights Mittens : )

3. Tim came home from school in a very good mood and didn't have a lot of homework.....this totally affects the rest of the night for me and Ian.

4. Ben ate dinner! He actually finished a whole bowl of mac and cheese....happy belly.

5. Ian and I got to go out to dinner at our favorite chinese restaurant...ALONE!

6. We had a chance to talk to EACH OTHER!

7. The food was fantastic (me...spicy beans with rice, Ian...chicken chow fun) as usual.

8. Ian bought me a CHAI! Yummy! (well, actually, I ended up buying myself the chai and him a coffee, but it was the thought that count : P )

9. Ian gave me a homemade (computer/photoshop) VDay card that was so surprised me and made me laugh...very close to the best card I've gotten from him ever. Loved it!

10. Last, but not at ALL the fact, the most IMPORTANT and most THOUGHTFUL act in the history of our relationship....or at least WAY up there...Ian went to a yarn store to buy my gifts!!!!!

He even brought Ben (who is not at all well behaved at a place like this...saying "PEEESE" be held and hiding in your shoulder....and picked out these things:

- Skein of beautiful rose colored locally handspun yarn.

- A 8 oz ball of a handdyed mohair fiber for me to spin...gorgeous dark rose/pink color.

- A pair of chunky bamboo needles with hand formed tops made into terra cotta pots with flowers inside.


- A very pretty shawl pin (much more sparkly and impressive in person) with purple and emerald crystals.

A color theme as well! this the best husband ever?

I LOVE YOU, Ian! (...and he's ALL mine!)

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