Sunday, February 12, 2006

Day One: Knitting Olympics

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On day one, I finished 30 corrugated rows of 2x2 ribbing in Knit Picks Palette yarn (100% peruvian wool...very nice)....colors bark (which they have wrong written as fawn), blue and pool. The cuff is done!

I was very happy to get as much done as I did. It was surprising how quickly I got used to switching the two yarns back and forth after a while. Getting the new and old ends secure is something I'm continuously working on, so that it looks neat and the ends aren't in my way.

It upset me that the ribbing with two colors is not at all like ribbing with one color...with one color, the ribbing is elastic and pulls in nicely on the purl columns. BUT, with this two color knitting, the yarn isn't all connected, so it's flatter, less elastic and stiffer (or is it more stiff?).

The yarn is a dream...very soft for wool and easy to work with. The pattern is okay so far....not too confusing and the color chart also has an additional symbol chart on the back, just in case you can't tell if the color is the same or just slightly different.

So far so good...wish me luck!

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