Friday, February 03, 2006

Concealing the Cuddly Cashmere

Originally uploaded by yogagardengirl32. I'm supposed to be finishing up three projects:

1. My lace weight Mary Jane cardigan that is at least halfway done and is coming along very well (sorry no pics yet).

2. The second Socks That Rock sock in Smokey Topaz for my husband.

3. The ever-so-soft white merino wool baby vest that I'll be giving as a gift in March.

4. Finish spinning the final 2 ply yarn for Joanne...which I only have half of one single ply done so far.

So, why am I starting ANOTHER project when I know very well I have to finish those 4 things as well as begin my Knitting Olympics harder-than-hell color intarsia Northern Lights Mittens from Knit Picks?

Am I crazy? (just nod yes to be safe)

But, in my defense, I had just gotten my copy of "Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls" by Martha Waterman and was just dying to knit something. I dreamed about it all last night.

This morning, I jumped out of bed, got Ben busy with some breakfast and a counting video...then snuck upstairs. I found this AMAZING 100% handpainted cashmere in my, it's lace weight (instead of the fingering weight called for in the pattern) and only 2 oz (instead of the 4 oz called for in the pattern) BUT I'm going to deliberately ignore those two important details and....


So what if it comes out to be a shawl for a doll? So what if it ends up looking like crap? Will this deter me? NO! (Although, secretly, I'm hoping and praying to the Knitting Goddess that she will surprise me with both details being irrelevant....just this once...and my shawl will be gorgeous and perfect!)

Please don't burst my bubble okay? Or, at least, let me live in my own dreamworld for this one project...or for all my projects...either is good : P

Cross your knitting needles for me!

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