Thursday, February 09, 2006

Canned Peaches and Cream

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So, I FINALLY finished spinning the 100% pain-in-the-butt silk that I was working on. The silk itself was very nice (as I've said before), but the white nubs in it created much frustration. I think the fact that my drop spindle (the smaller one) had a slightly crooked hook made the spinning so much more difficult. Vicki suggested taking the hook out and straightening it...which I will do evenutally....but once I'm into something, it's hard to get me to stop...even though it would make things easier....weird, huh?

I thought of plying this yarn with a spool of DMC silver metallic thread....and as you can looks kinda cool. It reminded me of a can of peaches with whipped cream on top...hence the name of the yarn. It was smaller than I thought it would be...only about 25 yards...but a nice lesson on plying with something other than the yarn itself. It was fun : )

I gave this mini skein to Vicki (it was her bday yesterday) because she is my Spinning Angel. I really mean it. I can ask the most idiotic questions about spinning and she answers with respect and a great sense of humor. She's the best spinning teacher....if there's anything I've created that's worth a damn, it's due to her. Of all the people I thought would appreciate this yarn, I knew it'd be her....

...and she DID!

Therefore....spun skein number 9....COMPLETE!

What do you think? (Be honest, but also kind)

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