Friday, February 03, 2006

Camera Cashmere Close-Up

Originally uploaded by yogagardengirl32.
One more pic.....this is the lace pattern up close. It's called Garter Lace. The pattern is VERY do-able and only 10 lines to remember....with at least 4 being plain garter stitch. Not bad at all.

The colors could look much better here, but it's not too real life, there is:

- a soft, sherbet pink
- a pale, plush apricot
- a tangy, lemon yellow
- and a fragrant, soothing lavender (well, not actually fragrant...just go along with me, okay?)

And the feel of this thing is like....well...a Puffs Plus tissue rubbed on your nose after using the harshest- toilet-paper-known-to-man on it. It's like....


Maybe I should be alone with my cashmere now.....

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