Thursday, February 16, 2006

Always Another Angora

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2006 Knitting project #4 done! Okay, this one is almost like cheating. The Angora Baby Booty pattern for this (also from LMKG by Joelle Hoverson) is so fun and quick. (note: I'm in the process of talking to her about a correction for this pattern, but it's minor.) Once I get the correction, I'll post it here.

I used only one small skein of 100% angora yarn by Valeria di Rosa...55 yards to a skein....color pink or pale pink. The yarn was sooo wonderful....I could make myself a bed out of it and just cuddle all day long....mmmm.

The light and camera were both on my side today and this picture looks very nice...subtle...shows off the soft, fuzziness of the yarn. (tent fingers and say, "E-x-cell-ent", like Mr. Burns)

Will I complete one more baby project before the day is done? We shall see.......

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