Friday, January 20, 2006

Super Secret Pal 7!

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I was so excited when I looked out the window and saw a package hanging on my mailbox...I thought, "Is that what I think it is?" I ran out, almost tripped over a root in the front yard and with a less than ladylike way, grabbed the package off the mailbox and rushed back into the house.

Here is what I found inside:

- Small bottle of lavender Eucalan...was just saying the other day how I wanted the lavender scent since I only have the eucalyptus right now....eeee!

- A new Chibi tapestry needle holder with two needles...not only that, but the case (the one I have is just a solid cream color) is turquoise blue with a clear blue cylinder....adorable!

- Box of bing cherry chocolates from the Henry and David, I love chocolate...I love cherries...I had one and almost died of older son swiped two and then stole a third off his younger brother...I know that my husband will want one when he comes home from work, too...maybe if I hide them in the laundry one goes in there except ME!

- Final, and most awesome gift, a skein of Berroco Air in the exact color I wanted (Technicolor).....I was going to make the Berroco teddy bear out of it, but I'm thinking now I might make myself a pair of mittens.....oh, so soft and sweet looking.

*To my Secret Pal are wonderful and I appreciate every one of my gifts....I'm very lucky to have you!*

Three Cheers for my Secret Pal 7!

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