Thursday, January 26, 2006

Spinning Leicester Lamb

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Went on a mini trip to The Knitter's Garden yesterday and splurged on a new set of bamboo knitting needles with pink bunnies on them, some lilac alpaca/wool, a handmade circular needle holder (fantastic!) and picked up this GIGANTIC ball of fiber to spin for the owner, Joanne.

The leicester lamb fiber is way bigger than my's so funny seeing anyone hold it! The colorway is salmon, lilac and a turquoise/green color. The colors are beautiful in fiber form, but not so beautiful spun...the colors are becoming muddy and almost a gray with flecks of colors now and then. It's very pleasant to spin and has a nice, fuzzy, crunchy's almost like Lopi.

Since this is an 8 oz. ball, I should get a good amount of yardage from it. I'm planning on trying to spin a 2 ply yarn this time instead of a single. I'll definitely need Vicki's assistance this time...(she taught me how to spin...and got me addicted!).

Have a lovely lamb-y day!

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