Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Merino And Corriedale

Merino And Corriedale
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I'm so happy with the way my white merino wool came out with the drop spindle! The first 4 pink skeins I spun (from the fiber Ericka bought me from the Sheep and Wool Festival in VT) came out okay...but very thick/thin and I wasn't quite used to the process yet. When I felt the merino...oooohhhh...so soft and luxurious! It spun so easily and I think I had become more used to the spin, pinch, open, spin technique of my spindle. If only you could feel the finished yarn....it's only one ply (z single) but it's just perfect right now!

On the right is my lavender (or lilac?) Ashford corriedale fiber from Halcyon yarn....just beautiful and, though a tiny bit stickier and less soft than the merino, is still very wonderful in it's own right and I enjoyed drafting and spinning it. One ounce made a good deal of yardage for this single ply yarn, as well. Halcyon has the most wonderful fibers and I'm hoping to get another sample of fibers to spin...like the angora/lambswool or the soy silk.

Off to do more of my lace Mary Jane cardigan....halfway done with the bottom half of the lace pattern....it's much more enjoyable than I thought and the Knit Picks Shadow (100% merino laceweight heathered) in Jewels is just yum. Soft, pretty and nice to knit with...the texture is very similar to Koigu....just thinner and lighter. Pics of that to come soon : )

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