Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Hand Spun Skeins
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So....here they are! 4 of the pink/raspberry skeins I spun from the VT wool (not sure what kind it is)...in order of my first ever spun skein (top left) to my most recent spun single ply skein (bottom right). Each one is like my little baby.....I just want to cuddle and squeeze it! I'm showing everyone I know who is even in the least bit interested in crafts (or anyone breathing who happens to come near me). Most say, "Oh, nice"...in a semi-interested way, but when someone says, "Oh, you SPUN this? Wow! How soft....what a nice job!"....then I KNOW I've made a friend for life : )

I noticed that, with each successful fiber I spin, the yarn gets more and more uniform and beautiful....I flatter myself in thinking that my purple yarn slightly resembles Manos del Uruguay in it's thick/thinness, but I might just be in my own dreamworld (which happens quite a lot). I'm feeling more comfortable with the technique and love using the drop spindle. I'm hoping to go to the NH Sheep and Wool this year to try out newer bottom whorl spindles so I can get another one and also check out the spinning wheels...right now, I'm looking at the Ashford Joy....that looks perfect for me....but I should try it first before I fall in love.....

Taking a tiny (very tiny) break from spinning so I can continue to work on my lace cardigan....also have Ian's Socks That Rock on hold (well, I knit on them now and then) and a baby sweater for Ian's friend's baby to be. Trying VERY hard not to start more projects than that, although I'm itching to make a quick scarf out of that hot pink handspun I bought from The Knitter's Garden yarn store last week. Oh, must blog the needles I got there! Next time.....

Happy Knitting!

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